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Cord fabric is a kind of tire skeleton fabric made of strong strand yarn as warp and medium and fine count single yarn as weft. The warp threads are closely arranged and the weft yarns are sparsely arranged, which looks like a curtain, so it is named.Cord fabric is used as the framework of rubber products such as tires, which makes it bear huge pressure, impact load and strong vibration. The performance and service life of tire cord fabric are important. The warp (also known as cord thread) bears the load, and the weft yarn fixes the warp position.The cord fabric produced by Bai-Ott can be used in different places and environments. It has almost no restrictions on the use conditions, but in the fake operation, it is most commonly used for tire repair; In addition, the cord fabric produced by our company has a good quality and strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for repairing tires.
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Rubberized Steel Cord Fabrics


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