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Conveyor belt system is a series to help protect the whole conveyor frame and belt, have no many chemical products but are mainly wear abrasive and custom products specific design or made for your conveyors. This series of products mainly include: pulley slide lagging sheet, conveyor belt cleaner, skirt rubber board, impact bed / bar, ceramic lining, conveyor roller, and conveyor cover hoods. The common feature of these products is that they are all applied to the main components of the conveyor belt system, most of which are designed to protect the conveyor belt system or equipment. For example, the buffer bed is generally installed at the blanking port. When the transportation materials fall from the belt, may cause damage to the conveyors, at this time the buffer bed and maintenance lining or plates are used to protect the machine and equipment well. When you want to make a protect system for your conveyor equipment, you must be want to know very clear and detailed specification for the products what you will use. Our conveyor belt system supply the most complete datasheet and many exactly real application examples for your reference. You can both check and learn no matter you want to buy or just want to get more knowledge, just free to learn. The colors of most products in this series can also be customized according to customers' requirements. For example, the buffer strip on the buffer bed can be customized according to customers' needs; Including the material of rain cover, different material types can also be made according to customer needs. All kinds of products in this series produced by BAI-OTT are exported to various countries and regions.We also have received the trust and appreciation from customers all over the world in this process, which greatly increases our determination to continue to make high-quality products!
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Conveyor Belt System


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