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Bai-Ott produces all kinds of idlers. According to the specific working conditions, idlers can be roughly divided into three types. The first one is used on the working face, which is generally called conveyor carrier roller. It is installed on the working face of conveyor belt, and its main function is to drive the conveyor belt to run; The second is called steering idler, which is mainly used to help the conveyor belt change direction at the corner and enhance the flexibility of the belt at the corner; The third kind of idler is called return idler, which is generally installed on the non working face and plays a role in undertaking the whole belt. In addition, Bai-Ott also produces conveyor idler support, which are generally installed under the buffer bed to support and operate flexibly. Our company has many years of experience in the production of idlers, and our products are exported to various countries and regions all over the world.
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