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Vulcanizing splicing fluid is mainly used for the bonding of belt tear. Good vulcanizing splicing fluid can play a good bonding effect, which can not only save the company's cost, but also prolong the service life of the belt. Bai-Ott produces a variety of vulcanizing splicing fluids. The types of vulcanizing splicing fluid we have are cold vulcanizing splicing fluid SA3000, hot vulcanizing splicing adhesive glue SA8000, cleaning solvent SA3500,metal primer SA3600,and quick rubber builder for repair belt. Each vulcanizing splicing fluid is suitable for different situations and will have different effects. Such as metal treatment agent, the applicable materials are various metals, and the effect on metals can be the strongest. Our bonding products are of excellent quality and praised by people from all over the world.
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Vulcanizing Splicing Fluid


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