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Repair patch & strip is mainly used to repair the belt. The places and conditions used by the two repair materials are different. Repair stripe used for repair of conveyor belt longitudinal cuts,with CN bonding layer,and the repair patch used for repairing the puncture or gouge damage,with CN bonding layer. In general, repair strips are used to repair larger cracks, while repair sheets are used for relatively small tears. The Repair patch&strip;strip is used to repair conveyor belt. Repair patch is suitable for conveyor belt local repair. And it also can be used to fix rubber locally. It is of high strength and good wear resistance. Besides, it replace the rubber well and help bring to work quickly.The repair patch &strip produced by Bai-Ott is of high quality, exported to various countries and regions, and has received good praise and feedback all over the world!
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Repair Patch&Strip


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