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The belt lacing fastener is mainly used to sew belt joints, mainly to sew belts together. Rivet lacing system consist by two sides of lacing, one pin and matched rivet. It is like a zipper that can well and tightly connect two joints of the belt. And it is also convenient so that can be finished by one person with the installed machine. Belt can be smooth after use it and running well. In the actual installation process, we may need some auxiliary tools. We also produce and sell these products: drive placing joint installation machine, belt placing mechanical fastener and quick fit belt fastener wrap tool .With these tools, you can easily complete the installation; In the process of installation, it is necessary to use the tools correctly according to the correct steps. The belt buckle produced by Bai-Ott is of good quality, exported to various countries and regions, and has also received many good praise.
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Belt Lacing Fastener


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