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With 11 years experience in conveyor belt maintenance field, Bai-Ott produces all kinds of products and tools needed in conveyor belt splicing system,which can be roughly divided into three series. The first series of products is called conveyor belt system. This series of products mainly include: pulley slide lagging sheet, conveyor belt cleaner, skirt rubber board, impact bed / bar, ceramic lining, conveyor roller, and conveyor cover hoods. The common feature of these products is that they are all applied to the main components of the conveyor belt system, most of which are designed to protect the conveyor belt system or equipment. For example, the buffer bed is generally installed at the blanking port. When the transportation materials fall from the belt, may cause damage to the conveyors, at this time the buffer bed and maintenance lining or plates are used to protect the machine and equipment well. The second series is conveyor belt splicing material. The products of this series mainly include some adhesives, which are mainly used for repairing belts. They are vulcanizing splicing cement or fluid, uncured tie gum, uncured cover rubber, repair patch and strip, silicon rubber sheet, rubberized steel core fabrics and so on. The above materials are combined used to make conveyor belt joint or repair splicing works. They are necessary and quality requirements is very high. The last series is conveyor belt splicing tools kits, which are mainly used to install and repair belts by the specific functions and unique design. They are very necessary to help the construction work saving time and improve the productivity. And long service life also worth every factory or construction team obtain one set. The most complete conveyor belt maintenance products produced by Bai-ott are excellent quality and reasonable price, we got very outstanding reputation in conveyor belt maintenance field for many years and we are so professional can equal to our Chinese National manufacturers in the same industry.
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